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    Table Design - Relationship Question

    Quick question please.

    My tblAddress table has City, State, & Zip. I am thinking about creating tables instead for them.


    Then setup the relationships for them. What I am not sure about is what the relationships should be like. My goal is to be able to cut down on errors and time. So on my form, when the zipcode is entered it auto fills State & City.

    Should I say:

    tblZip one-to-one tblState one-to-many tblCity
    tblState one-to-many tblZip one-to-many tblCity

    I am not sure about this. All suggestions much appreciated. Thanks



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    I don't think I'd attempt to split them in to 3 tables. Problem is, a town can related to many zip codes, many codes to one state, but worse, the same town name can be in several states, thus all have different zips. Consider one table and create a unique index on 3 fields - Town, State and PostalCode. That way you can have as many Springfields as you want but the combination of state and code will make them unique. This would also cover of the possibility (?) that a state has 2 towns with the same name or spelling variation. Don't know if exists or not.

    Accuracy would then be achieved by a state combo. The town list is then filtered according to the state chosen. The codes are then filtered to whatever matches the state and towns selected. That's known as cascading combo boxes.

    That's my take, for what it's worth.
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    I agree. Let tZip be a lookup table to fill in State, & City.
    Even that is not 100% since 1 zip may cross cities, but user can still pick City from combo.
    No relationships needed.

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    In the UK we use a postcode which will give use the town/city county road all we have to do then is select the house number to fill out a clients address.
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