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    Auto Add Fields To Table From Form?

    I'm having a go at building my 'first' database, I've done really basic single table (pretty much flat record) ones before years ago in FileMaker but never anything using multiple tables, forms and reports and have never used Access before. So in at the deep end and all that!

    The idea is to replace individual spreadsheets (job sheets) we have that record the history and progress of a production through our recording studios. The end goal is to have a database where the user can look up a job via title or job number and then add the relevant data to various sections. I am however a little unsure on one aspect of how to structure one of the tables where we capture the daily progress of the recording.

    In one area of the spreadsheet we have 8 columns where each row records a jobs progress, so for example:

    Column B = Session Number
    Column C = Staff Name
    Column D = Date of Session
    Column E = Time of Session (AM/PM/Evening)
    Column F = Recorded Up To Page #
    Column G = Time on Timeline
    Column H = Minutes Recorded in Session
    Column I = Number of Pages Recorded

    What isn't always known is how many sessions will be needed and therefore how many rows. In Excel that's not really a problem as you just add another row but I'm not sure of the best way to handle this in Access.

    Can you have a function on a form to add new fields to a table? For example the form has enough fields for say 5 sessions but if more are needed you click on a 'Add More' button and it automatically adds all the required fields for a 6th session and adds these to the table.

    Or would it be better to have a session table with the above 8 fields and each row is then a different session? I can see how that works for a single record but how would that work for multiple records, how would you identify that say ID's 1-10 are for x production and ID's 11-15 are for y production etc?

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    Database is not the same as spreadsheet as you have found. I'm going to suggest you review some of the articles in the Database Planning and Design link in my signature. Especially the tutorials from guru99 and RogersAccessLibrary in that link. The guru99 links will help with concepts and, if you work through 1 or 2 of the tutorials from RogersAccessLibrary, you will learn a process that you can use for designing any database. With the experience you gain from working through the RogersAccess tutorial, you can try with your own set up. Also see the stump the model link for some testing and refinement advice.
    Post back if you have specific questions.
    Do not underestimate the importance of tables and relationships with database.
    Good luck with your project.

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    Can a Job have more than 1 Session?

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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