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    Question Filling in numbers in design

    I am trying to create a data base of a phone system that I am responsible for. I have it dumped into an excel spreadsheet and plan on importing it into access. the phone numbers range from 6000 to 7025. there are LOT of numbers that are not used and they are spread all throughout the range. what I want to do is fill in the missing numbers without having to reenter the data on the used numbers. Once the database is finished I want to run a query that will output the data in a number of ways, one of which is a list of unused numbers. is this possible either in excel or in access? I have the info imported into a basic table already.

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    You can run some vb code to create a list of all numbers.
    then compare it to your Imported #s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RDJ View Post
    I have it dumped into an excel spreadsheet and plan on importing it into access
    Did the export include the name attached to each of the the phone numbers?
    Yes, using queries, you can output the results however you want in reports.
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    Code would certainly be one way. Another:
    - link to the spreadsheet from Access
    - in a spreadsheet column (not the linked one) drag to fill a numeric list from 6000 to 7025.
    - paste append (Access Ribbon) that column into the table you'll use for the data (would contain the same fields as your spreadsheet columns). You should get a numeric list
    - create a query to update the table with the linked spreadsheet column data
    - the table fields (name, etc) get updated with the spreadsheet data for each number that matches in each. Table numbers that don't exist in the spreadsheet will remain blank. As I read the post, you want a complete ascending list from one starting to one ending number but have the name data for those numbers that are in your source data.
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    - "doesn't work" doesn't help. Implement changes in copies of your database.
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