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    Unbound control into report

    I have an unbound control (General Number format) in a form. I can run queries off this number to do calculations. When I run a report it will not show the value from the form.

    SELECT tblBatt.BatID, qryWattsSum.SumOfTTLWatts AS TTLW, tblBatteryList.BatName, tblBatteryList.BatVolt, tblBatteryList.BatAmp, (([BatAmp]*[BattCnt])/2)-100 AS MaxBatAmp, [Amphr]-40 AS MaxBatAmpCharge, ([Batvolt]*[battcnt])/2 AS BatVoltAvail, [TTLW]/[BatVoltAvail] AS Amphr, Round(((([BatAmp]*[BattCnt])/2)-100)/([TTLW]/[BatVoltAvail]),2) AS totalhrs, Round(((([BatAmp]*[BattCnt])/2)-60)/([TTLW]/[BatVoltAvail]),2) AS totalCGRhrs, tblBatt.BattCnt, [totalCGRhrs]-[totalhrs] AS BatMinutes, [Forms]![FrmInput]![NumHrs] AS nohrs
    FROM tblBatt, tblBatteryList, qryWattsSum
    WHERE (((tblBatteryList.BatVolt)<>6) AND (((([BatAmp]*[BattCnt])/2)-100)>0) AND ((tblBatt.BattCnt)<16));
    This pulls it into the query. When the report opens nohrs is blank.
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    I see that [nohrs] is populated from Forms!frmInput!NumHrs, but you are closing this form right after you open the report.

    I think you may need to leave the form open because the report may run the query multiple times. In any case, if the report is trying to access that query element, if it has to refresh the query for any reason, it will become blank if the form that is being referenced is closed. Does that make sense?

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    Makes perfect sense.


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