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Form Structure for Multi User Environment

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    Form Structure for Multi User Environment

    If creating an Access Database front end with SQL Server back end for, say, 20 people to use at one time, what is the best way to setup forms and tables to avoid records being lock due to more than one person trying to access at the same time? Is it good to have a table on the front end client side to hold form data which is submitted to the record table in batches? Thanks.

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    As long as they don't edit same record at same time, shouldn't be a problem.

    Each user should run their own copy of frontend installed on their computer.

    Don't think a temp table in frontend should be needed.
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    As June points out there shouldn't be an issue unless several people are trying to edit the same record at the same time.
    Depending on the data involved and the application, there may be some scheduling techniques to reduce same record conflicts.
    For example, if the application involves responding to clients, you could assign people to records based on Location or Date or Client Name etc. Joe deals with Clients in Western States/ Suzette deals with clients in Southern States; or Jim handles clients whose requests were on odd numbered day and AM; or some pattern that is simple and allows separation of workloads.

    I don't think a separate table in the FE would be needed. But we have no idea of what your proposed application entails.
    Good luck with your project.

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