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    Duplicate data fields

    I'm fairly new to Access, and have inherited a messy, badly designed database that I need to improve. Right now, I'm trying to consolidate duplicate data fields.

    I have the same field in 2 tables. Each table has data in the field, but the data in each table is for different dates. In the main table, the field was used through 2001, and then someone created a new table for this field. They didn't remove the old field, or move the data to the new field. The old dates only exist in the old table, the newer dates are in both tables, but only have data for this field in the newer table.

    Is there a simple way to consolidate the data from the two fields? I want all the data to be in the new table.

    I appreciate any help you can give me.

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    If the fields for each table are identical in name, then you can do a Union Query to bring the data together. You cannot do a Make Table from a Union query, but once the union query is designed and run, you can then create a new select query based upon the Union query. Then change it to a make table query. You will then have a new table with all the data in one table.


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