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Any way to get query to increment a value in a query

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    Any way to get query to increment a value in a query

    I have a query that has a field called line number. I pull some of those lines out based on my query criteria and then output it to a new file. Now I need to update that line number with updated lines from 1 to the end of the file.

    I do prep the data and send it to a temp table so If I can run some type of update query on that table that would also work. I have googled and cant seem to find a way to do this in a query.

    thanks for any help,

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    If your temp table (table3) contains an autonumber ID field then maybe
    SELECT (Select COUNT(*) FROM table3 AS A where A.ID <=b.ID) AS Expr1, B.ID
    FROM table3 AS B ORDER BY B.ID;
    It shouldn't matter what the autonumbers are (assuming you're deleting those records when the increment is done) because you want to make use of the Count and not the actual numbers.
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    When there is no UniqueID Number field then try this: (Learn MS-Access Tips and Tricks)
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