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    showing certain values on report


    I would like to know is there a way to include the fields where user checked the check-boxes. For example: I have form which showing 20 options with check-box value to Yes or No. I want to include only the options where user marked the check-box to Yes. Is there way to only show that fields where user marked yes?

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    this is the downside of option box (check boxes) , they ALL must be programmed.
    If you add / subract an option, the form must be reprogrammed.
    Tho you can reference anything on the form with the full path: forms!myForm!chkBox

    alternate ways:
    1. a query can pull the options:
    select forms!myForm!chBox1 as IsSmoker, forms!myForm!chkBox2 as HasInsurance from table

    2. Dont use checkboxes/optons, instead use a listbox for users to select items in it with a dbl-click.
    the dbl-click runs an append query to add the value to a table (tPicked).

    This way you only work with VALUES and don't need to reprogram for new values, you simply add a new value to the source table.

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