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    Open Multiple Report Instances

    In my application, I have several reports which are derived from the same report definition. For example: Audit Report, Audit Refund Report, Audit Report Without Refunds.

    Each of these is derived from a report definition called "AuditReport". It's definitely more efficient to only maintain 1 report rather than 3, right? The report is based on a query, which I modify a parameter in just before loading the report. That parameter is an integer (-1, 0 or 1). The stored procedure behind this passthrough query knows how to handle the parameter and only return the specific rows (credits only, debits only or all).

    So far, everything is working fine, the report versions come up properly in print preview mode. The problem is when the customer wants to open all 3 of them at the same time (they appear as tabs in the Access UI) so they can compare them. Since they're based on the same report definition, if I try to run the second version Access simply switches to the first version of the report, since it thinks I'm asking for the same thing again. I have to close the report before opening another version of it.

    Easiest thing would be to define multiple report definitions and things would work just fine. But is there any way to open a second (different) version of the report at the same time? Seems like that would keep the database cleaner.


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    From your description you are talking about multiple instances of a report which is perfectly doable. google something like 'access vba open multiple instances of a report' to find plenty of links.

    see post #4 of this link for an example

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