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    Unhappy aahperd ms access db, i can't make it possible!

    hello there i have 9 tables with out any relations that they are different tests for each items in the AAHPERD test, my question is about adding the someone's ranks into access db by a single form and i need to calculate the output rank by comparing each tests rank and estimate the final rank from the Constant tables that i defined...

    i will tell you an example by sending the ms file here; but let me explain it to you:

    1. i have constant tables with only 2 columns the first column is the defined score and the other is the player rank.
    2. i have 9 tables
    3. each table is calculated from 0 to 100 score
    4. all the tables are major and necessary to calculate (each item needs to be calculate for the average score)
    5. i want to add items ranks manually for each fields and let the ms calculate the average score
    6. i don't want to edit any constant tables(2)
    7. i have a unique table to compare table and the form1 is related to that compare_table.

    i made the tables for all of the items by excel then imported to ms access, made a table named compare that i want to use it to compare the item scores from player rank and constant one from the related table! but i couldn't do that!

    like this:

    running45mtbl : score rank
    100 8.5second
    etc etc
    manual input in form1:

    form1: name playerID running45m
    dave 112 8.5

    when i put 8.5 second data in running45 field i want to the ms access give 100 score to my compare table and so on to the latest field in form1, then the program just calculate the average from 9 tables (from 100 score)... and show to me the latest score and save it in compare table.

    output saved:

    compare_table: name playerID running45m
    dave 112 100


    sorry im not native english speaker.

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    sorry im not native English speaker.
    A common technique for nonEnglish posters is to write the post in their native language, then use Google translate to get the post in English for posting. Google Translate is more than adequate for communications.

    i have 9 tables
    I see only 2 tables???

    Good luck.

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    K, add other tables... help me man not disappoint me

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