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    Pass *multiple* listbox values into query


    I'd like to get some assistance with tweaking a process (in VBA). Attached sample database contains a table, query, and form (I kept the report but that's not the focus in this thread).

    Current process:
    - Open the form "Form"
    - Select one value (e.g., "Florida") from the listbox and click "Submit Query".
    - Open the query... value "Florida" has been added to the criteria... so far so good!
    - However, if I were to select multiple values (e.g., "Florida" and "Texas") in the listbox and then click "Submit Query", only the last value (i.e., "Texas") of the value range (listbox) is currently being passed into the query.

    Modified process:
    - The modified process should allow me to pass all select values (whether consecutive or non-consecutive value selection) into the query criteria.
    - So, if I were to select "Colorado", "Florida" and "Virginia", I'd expect to see all of these three (3) values in my query criteria.

    How do I modify the existing VBA to accommodate this process?

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    You have to build a string inside the loop and then use it after. Along the lines of:
    Paul (wino moderator)
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    Bellow you see the practical application of Paul's demonstration:
        If Me!lstStates.ItemsSelected.Count > 0 Then
            For Each varItem In Me!lstStates.ItemsSelected
                strCriteria = strCriteria & "'" & Me!lstStates.ItemData(varItem) & "',"
                ReportFileName = ReportFileName & "_" & Replace(Me!lstStates.ItemData(varItem), "/", "_")
            Next varItem
                'trim trailing comma from strCriteria.
                strCriteria = Left(strCriteria, Len(strCriteria) - 1)
                'Build the final ReportFileName.
                ReportFileName = Mid(ReportFileName, 2) & ".pdf"
                'Build the new SQL statement incorporating the string
                strSQL = "SELECT * FROM T01_SourceData " & "WHERE T01_SourceData.State IN(" & strCriteria & ");"
                Debug.Print strSQL
                'Apply the new SQL statement to the query
                qdf.SQL = strSQL
                'ReportFileName = Replace(Me!lstStates.ItemData(varItem), "/", "_") & ".pdf"
                OutputPathFileName = ReportPath & ReportFileName
                Debug.Print OutputPathFileName
                'DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, "Report", acFormatPDF, OutputPathFileName, False
            'Next varItem
            MsgBox "Please selete one or more States"
        End If
    You can delete the red lines after the testing.
    I presume that you want all the names of states into report's filename.

    Also, I suggest to avoid blank spaces in path strings and filenames.

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    Paul - I just returned on checking for a proposed solution. Thank you for providing this example... very nice!!

    John - your solution is superb... it fits nicely into my current process and I like that the selected listbox values are appended to the filename. Awesome!!!

    Again, thank you both, Paul & John, for providing some fantastic assistance.

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