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    Table design for Data imported from excel

    Hi everyone-

    I am new to the forum and used to do a bit of database design a long time ago. I am a bit rusty and I'm having a problem with designing tables from imported excel data. My data is a dump of patient information with procedure and diagnosis codes. Each patient has a unique patient ID and may have multiple entries in the spreadsheet for individual encounter dates. The problem is that each one of these encounters may have multiple procedures and those are entered on individual rows as well.

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    So the patient number is the unique identifier for each patient (as different patients could have the same name) and I want to group the data by encounter and by patient. The only thing that changes in those rows for the same encounter is the procedure code fields. I need to be able to search the database by procedure code but I would need to see the other procedures also performed on the same date of service. Ideally, the data would have a single record for each encounter with one or more procedure codes in each record.
    Any help in organizing this data would be greatly appreciated.


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    you ought to have a table of patients and store the patient id in tblPatientProc (patient procedures) as a minimum. Maybe a table for procedure options, depending on your needs (provides a list of procedures to be selected, eliminating keying errors). Not sure where Diagnoses fits in but probably should be its own table as well in the same way as procedure options. Then you'd need junction tables to relate patients to procedures and one for diagnoses. I suppose more info about how these relate to one another would be required to be more specific and accurate. The main take away, I think, is that your current table design resembles a spreadsheet (wide format where columns are additional data points) whereas a db is "tall" (tables hold additional data points as records; AKA "rows" but not really). I'd start with examining why any of this would be dependent upon Excel as a data source going forward. This is a job for a db and Excel should be eliminated as the data source.
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    Is the dump of data from Excel going to be a regular occurrence or is this just a once off dump of data?

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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