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    Question Define data type when creating a table based on a query

    Hi guys!

    I have the query below getting data from a MySQL instance using ODBC connection. This query is ok and brings the correct data. Then I have another query, create table type, that refers to this query to create a new table based on the query result. The tables is been created with some fields with incorrect data type. For example, the field ID_Cliente is created with data type Text, but it should be created as Number. I tried to use cast function to convert, but without success.

    Is there a way to tell Access the destination data type of each field when the query is creating the table?

    custp.nei1 Bairro,
    custp.city1 Cidade,
    LEFT(custp.ddd,2) DDD_Telefone,
    LEFT(,8) Telefone,
    ctcel.ddd DDD_Celular,
    MAX(ctcel.celno) Celular,
    ctmore3.auxstring6 Email

    FROM sqldados.custp

    LEFT JOIN sqldados.ctmore3 ON (ctmore3.custno =
    LEFT JOIN sqldados.ctcel ON (ctcel.custno =



    Thanks a lot

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    I have encountered these issues, and have come across a method that works much better for me.
    Instead of using "Create Table" queries, I create the shell of my table, exactly as I want it (with all the Data Types I need), and then use an Append Query to write the information to that table shell.
    If this is something I need to do more than once, I simply run a Delete Query first, to delete all the existing data (from my last run) in the table I am trying to write to.
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    Hey Joe, great idea!

    In some queries, the append query is the perfect solution. But for others, I can't stack the data. Gonna try the delete query, looks like it will solve that problem. IŽll let you know.

    Thank you very much.

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    You are welcome.

    Yep, if you cannot stack them, just do the Delete Query before the Append Query.
    Using Access 2007
    Proficient in Access, Excel, VBA, and SQL

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