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    VBA MS-Access set dtype of imported excel using existing table


    I am writing a VBA script to auto update an Access DataBase. I can not used linked tables for this and need to do it all through a mixture of VBA and jet SQL. I have written the script that imports and update the table and I am now testing it. It works OK unless there is a dtype mismatch and so I need to add a some code to set the dtypes. this is the way I was going to do it and I was hoping to get advice on whether or not this is the best way or not before I start. I got to this point through research, not sure if its a silly way or not. I am normally a Python Programmer and have only been using VBA a few months.

    1. Create a collection that converts Access dtypes to SQL query e.g. 202, adVarWChar: TEXT()
    2. Create a collection from original table that to get dtype e.g column1: 202
    3. Cross reference collections 1&2 to get the column dtype in SQL e.g. column1: TEXT()
    4. Use this collection in 3 to update the column dtype using SQL

    Thanks in advance!

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    you should know the datatypes in advance, then you would just run a query (or transfer) to append the data.
    why would the datatype not match?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scattered View Post
    I have written the script that imports and update the table
    Where is the data coming from? Excel workbook, Text/CSV, ???

    Maybe you would post the script/code/SQL??
    And maybe some records of the input data and the output (table design) wanted...

    Or post your dB??
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