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Hit a wall - Canít get multi table form to work

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    Missed the link. Got it now.

    I can't find the youtube video now, but he basically had a query below the fields of the subform. In his example the subform was for adding new orders and then below the fields it had a list of all the orders that customer had made.

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    What YouTube?

    Allen Browne example does not involve subform.
    Form allows input of new records as well as search for existing.
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    See attached. 2 small changes. Added search combobox to main form.
    Changed the layout to datasheet for the form showing on the certification tab. I assume that's what your second request means.

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    In case you want a design, where the main form is unbound one, and all other forms (employees form included) are continuous subforms on tab control pages, to link other subforms with employees form:
    You have an unbound control on main form. In OnCurrent event of employees form you have a code which writes current employee ID into unbound control in main form. Other subforms which must be linked with employees form, are linked to this unbound control instead (Access will protest, but ignore this!).

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