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    Converting strings to date

    Surprisingly, I found that someone was saving date as STRING in the following form 12/JAN/2019. I need to convert this to a regulardate format 03/29/2019 so I am able to compare the dates from these two columns (please check bellow). Any idea how to do that. Your help is much appreciated.Thanks.

    Col1 Col2
    12/JAN/2019 03/29/2019

    Col 1 Col2

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    CDate("12/jan/2019") will convert to a date as 01/12/2019
    If it's in a string variable you can convert that:

    If you want to first verify that it's an acceptable format you can use the IsDate function which returns true/false
    If IsDate(myDate) = True then...

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    Thank you Sir!

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