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    Trying to filter on edit box


    I have a search box named SearchFieldEditBox in my form

    I'm trying to refer it in thefilter property :

    [FirstName] Like "*" & [UsersWithMainEmail]![SearchFieldEditBox] & "*"


    [FirstName] Like "*" & [SearchFieldEditBox] & "*"

    It keeps on asking me to enter it manually. How can I refer correctly tomy field ?

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    save the brackets for queries, or textboxes with spaces.

    if the text box name is
    SearchFieldEditBox, then
    for a form filter:

    Me.filter = "[FirstName] Like '*" & me.SearchFieldEditBox & "*'"
    me.filterOn = true

    else for a query:
    [FirstName] Like "*" & forms![UsersWithMainEmail]![SearchFieldEditBox] & "*"

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    It is still asking me for it. I am not doing it programatically, but in the designer properties tab, Is it changing something ?

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    It is still asking me for it
    This means you are getting a parameter prompt? I would ordinarily say you have a spelling issue or some other reference problem, but what's the point of specifying the filter in the form's property sheet? Are you going to apply the filter automatically on form load? I'd say no because there would be no value in the textbox. However, from the property sheet there is no other option.
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