Hi all,

Going to go out on a limb here and open an inquiry/discussion on 2 minor issues I am running into with the file dialog SAVE AS solutions available to Access developers.

These two problems are common with the office.filedialog object, specifically using the type msoFileDialogSaveAs, which is the "standard" way of prompting a file dialog, as we know.

These two problems are:

A.) No support for adding filters. While the .Filters.Add method exists in intellisense, the method fails with the SaveAs prompt and appears to be well documented around the web. Why MS did not support this for just this dialog seems to be foolish.

B.) No ability to turn off warnings for overwrite.

Problem A has a partial solution which is to set the .initialfilename property to "*.ext", (ext = fileextension) which will open the dialog and only show files with that extension.
This is not a true filter. A cool solution but does not allow for more than one extension. Passing a string "*.ext1,*.ext2,...) just results in no files displaying.

I've seen a recommended solution to problem A suggesting to use the msoFileDialogFilePicker dialog type since it supports filters, but this is not a solution for saving files!
Any unique name specified in the dialog generates an error and the user needs the ability to select an existing file while maintaining the ability to specify a new file name.

The solution left would be using the API, which i myself am not experienced with. The API would at least solve problem A. Perhaps not B.
The following API code examples do not work (at least in a 64 bit install - even when having proper declarations words for x64)

Example 1:
The type declaration uses at least 40 (sarcasm) "AS" words and just doesnt compile. This code is old.

Example 2:
Using the direct sample from the page, nothing displays when called. Unsure why. Also ancient code.

Anyhow, I thought i would clarify these points and share my endeavors for any future inquirers on this subject.
If anyone has a solution, i would love to see it!