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    How to add a collection to a dictionary in Ms Access VBA/Json

    Hi Experts!

    After working so hard to make sure this VBA/Json works now I seam to be very close to sorting it out, the code below works okay but I just need to know how to add a collection to the current dictionary so that the arrays also shows up:

    Option Compare Database
    Option Explicit
    Private Sub Command0_Click()
    Dim foo As New Dictionary
    Set foo = New Dictionary
    Dim hoo As New Collection
        With foo
            .Add "Customer Name", Me.txtchris   'No key. This item can only be retrieved by index.
            .Add "Address", Me.txtAddress  'Key given. Can be retrieved by key or index.
        End With
        Dim member As Variant
        For Each member In foo
    MsgBox JsonConverter.ConvertToJson(foo, Whitespace:=3), vbOKOnly, "Audited by Chris Hankwembo"
    End Sub


    (1) How to add the collection to "FOO" dictionary so that the data in "HOO" collection comes in as a second layer and inclosed like [{ ]}

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    This is not an answer to your question. It is a link to related JSON/Access manipulation. Isladogs/Colin has analyzed, designed and created a routine which he offers for a fee. The related threads may provide some ideas to assist you in your project.
    Good luck.

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