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    MS Access conflicts with other database package

    In the past I was a software consultant. I am now retired and work part time at a school district. I use simple access databases to perform my daily job tasks.
    The school district runs another enterprise client server package called Transfinder, for bus routing.
    Access and Transfinder will not run together on a Windows 10 client.
    My gut tells me this is a solvable problem either at the district or by Transfinder but I can't get traction to get it resolved since I'm one of the few trying to use both together (no priority in IS).
    Any suggestions on where I should start to push this issue? I think it's a database conflict that's why I'm posting in SQL Server. Maybe I should be in general.


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    when you say 'run together', do you mean talk via ODBC?
    Do they make a driver for Transfinder?
    What about exporting to txt, so Access can use it as an external table?

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    Can you ask the tech support area of Transfinder?
    I recommend that you prepare some focused questions as to what you are doing that involves Access and Transfinder.
    The Transfinder people may offer :
    -some sort of Export facility/utility
    -an ODBC type interface
    -some other options suited to your requirement
    -other installation/users with similar requirement and solution

    Transfinder system requirements.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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