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    Populate an Outlook e-mail template

    Is it possible to open an Outlook template file (.oft) and then populate the To, Subject and Body using vba.

    I have the following code

    Private Sub CreateEMail()
    Dim oApp As New Outlook.Application
    Dim oEmail As Outlook.MailItem

    Set oEmail = oApp.CreateItemFromTemplate("C:\Outlook Templates\Template.oft")
    'oEmail.To = ""
    'oEmail.Subject = "Testing using the template"
    'oEmail.HTMLBody = "Testing where this appears in the template"
    ' in reality these would be text items from a form e.g. me.txtbody.value


    End Sub

    With the .To, .Subject and .HTMLBody commented out the Outlook template file opens correctly

    With those code lines un-commented the template is ignored and a 'standard' Outlook window opens correctly filled in.

    My template has Corporate details in the Body(Message) section and a disclaimer notice to appear at the bottom of the e-mail.

    A secondary question then arises, which is, if it is possible to pass the .HTMLBody item in code, is it possible to control where it appears in the email message.

    I am imagining something like 'fields' in the template into which I pass the required text items much like one would do a mail merge in Word.

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    See Option 2 in

    Your code does not show setting oApp variable. You try to do it in Dim statement. Possibly that is not working as expected. I have never done that way.
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