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    Update ID with FY based on Requested Date

    I have two issues and not sure they can be solved together:

    1. I have a field ID_PK that I will start to use as the actual Tracking ID of items (currently have another field that contains TrackingID), is there a way to auto populate the OldTrackingID field the ID_PK, without overwriting current TrackinID?

    2. When TrackingID is update add the FY## to the beginning, which would be based off date of RequestDate field?

    Your guidance is much appreciated!

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    1.txtOldTrackingID = txtID_PK

    2. txtTrackingID = "FY" & FORMAT(txtRequestedDate, "yy")

    (or format it to your specs)

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    Is this an update in Design View Format?

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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