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    Finding Duplicates with slight name-change

    I have an access database with over 40,000 .mp3 audio lectures paired with a SQL server. Each lectures is stored in a table in the .accdb with three columns, the lecture title, the unique LectureID, and the category of the lecture. I have found many duplicate lectures, but one says "xyzabc" and one says "xyzabc.MP3". I am not sure if a macro is actually the right tool for this, but how do i find(and delete) all of the duplicates? I am very unlearned in these topics so please try and "simplify" it, but if neccesary, i can consult with more learned people.

    Thanks so much!

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    As I understand your post - you have a bunch of files. Each file has a filename and an extension. If you look at the file name only, not the complete path and not the extension, I think you could find duplicate /replicates with the same file name.

    If you store the name and extension in a single field, you'll have to restrict your match criteria to the file name only.

    Good luck.

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    A macro is not correct tool. But VBA along with query should be. Still won't be simple. Following is example query to determine which names are duplicated:

    SELECT IIf(InStr([title],"."),Left([title],InStr([test],".")-1),[title]) AS T, Count(ID) AS C
    FROM tablename
    GROUP BY IIf(InStr([title],"."),Left([title],InStr([test],".")-1),[title]);

    Automating deletion would be tricky part - review However, that method will not account for different categories (if that has happened for same file) because aside from variation in filename, different categories actually make records unique. You will have to make case-by-case decision on which category should be retained.

    Should a lecture be allowed multiple categories? If yes, then need a related dependent table (or {yuck} use a multi-value field). Are there already related tables dependent on this one?

    Standardize data - either all should have extension or none.
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