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    How to Query fields with check boxes?

    I'm creating an attendance tracking database. I have a table called Attendance that has Employee Name, Tardy and Absent. The Tardy and Absent fields are check boxes, some checked, some not checked at all. I'm trying to create a Query to just give me the count for each person, how many tardy are in that record for that Employee Name and so on.

    What I did was this:
    Field: Tardy
    Table: Attendance
    Total: Count
    Sort: (Blank)
    Show: (checked)
    Criteria: Abs(DSum("Tardy","Attendance"))

    Now what this does is simply count the boxes regardless of if there checked or not. How can I make this show the sum of only those that are checked true.
    I been reading before asking and I was reading I could do something like = Count(IIF([Tardy] = True,1,Null)) but even though Tardy only exist on one table and I have specified that table it still tells me that Tardy could apply to too many things when I try and run it.

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    Field: Tardy
    Table: Attendance
    Total: Sum
    Sort: (Blank)
    Show: (checked)
    Criteria: -1
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    It is really quite simple. A check will be stored as a -1 value in the underlying table and a non-checked box will be stored as a zero. If you want to find all records with a check, simply use a query that says the field value of interest has a value of -1. If you use the query design module, put a -1 criteria in the column that contains the field name of the field where you want a check box to be checked. If you want to know the count of unchecked records, use a check value of zero in the criteria box.
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