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Is it possible to search a combo box that references a table that allows multiple value selections?

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    Is it possible to search a combo box that references a table that allows multiple value selections?

    Hi! First time posting here

    I am trying to create a searchable list of barcode numbers in a form. The barcode numbers would be pulled from my Inventory table, where the Barcode field has "Allow Multiple Values" on Yes. It's my understanding that you can only search a combo box if it allows one selection, not multiple? Or is there a way around this?



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    there are a number of ways you can do this

    1. When you use your combo box have a button to 'add' it, add the bar code to a temporary table, then when you run your query link the temporary table to your table holding the data
    2. Use a multi select list box instead of a combo box, then run something similar to suggestion 1 just adding a bunch of bar codes at once instead of 1 at a time by cycling through selected items in a list box. something like:

        for i = 0 to .listcount -1 '(use i = 1 if your list box does not have column headers turned on)
            if .selected(i) then
                'append the value to the temp table
        next i
    end with

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    It sounds like you have a field in a table defined as a Multi-Value Field. Most experienced developers do not use MFVs.

    For an explanation of why you shouldn't use them, see
    "Veni, Vidi, Velcro"
    (I came; I saw; I stuck around.)

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