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check table update in every five minutes

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    check table update in every five minutes

    i have a table which has 4 fields. i want to check the table in every five minutes is there any data update. i want to show/get the data which is update in time interval 5 minutes only,not whole table data.and then i want to time interval data insert into another table.please advised.

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    on a form, set the form property TIMER INTERVAL to 300,000
    Its in milliseconds, so 1 sec = 1000, 5 min= 300000

    in the event ON TIMER,
    put the code to do the check or append
    Private Sub Form_Timer()
    docmd.setwarnings false
    If Dcount("*","tData") then docmd.openquery "qaAddMyData"
    docmd.setwarnings true
    End Sub
    open the form to start the timer.

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    Having the same data in two tables is generally a mistake in a relational database, unless

    The data acts as a Primary Key/Foreign Key relating two tables together

    The second table is being used in an audit log scheme.

    If the latter is your situation, Allen Browne has an excellent tutorial on the subject:

    Linq ;0)>
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