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Checkbox to influence Query results

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    Checkbox to influence Query results

    Greetings all,

    I am trying to add some checkbox functionality to one of my forms for a query result.
    On the form, the user can utilize one of the input fields to type in search criteria, then click the search button and it will open the report with the appropriate queried information... as per normal.

    What I want to do is add check boxes that would allow the user to not only search based on the text they type in, but also use the criteria from the check box.

    For example: A user wishes to search for equipment based on the description but also wants to include only the refurbished units in this list. (see attached screenshot)
    How would I go about getting this linked up correctly? I am assuming I would need to write some VBA for when the checkbox is activated/deactivated, which I can do, but I am not certain how to get that linked to the query criteria being searched for. Would all of this be included in the VBA script/macro or would it be in the query criteria field?

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    I would build a where condition:

    I'd add each field as appropriate to whether it was checked or not, like:

    If (Me.chkNew) Then
      strWhere = strWhere &  "New = True AND "
    End If
    at the end you'd see if the variable had been populated and if so trim off the trailing "AND".
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