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    Update Query

    is it possible for an Update Query to contain a Parameter Criteria?

    What I am trying do is to select a specific criteria in one field and then populate specific data in 2 other fields.

    For example,

    Field 1: Vulnerability Summary using a Like Criteria where I enter a word string......Roofing
    Field 2: Risk where I would like to populate the field according to what is entered in Field 1.... Medium
    Field 3: Difficulty...same as the criteria for field 2.... Moderate

    Is this possible? If not, how can I accomplish my objective?

    Thank You

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    I would tend to do this with a table rather than relying on a free-form typing.

    For instance
    VC_ID  VC_Description
    1      Roofing
    R_ID  R_Description
    1      Low
    2      Medium
    3      High
    D_ID  D_Description
    1      Easy
    2      Moderate
    3      Super Hard
    V_ID  VC_ID  R_ID  D_ID
    1     1      2     2
    This way you have a defined structure you can change as need demands without having to edit your query every time a change is made. The added benefit being your update query then just becomes a lookup based on a choice from a combo box or other similar mechanism.

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