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E-mail criteria

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    E-mail criteria

    Dear all,
    I have two columns in my dept heads table ,1 is the location & other is their department head's email id .
    Now in my report I have three columns,1 is location & 2nd is task name , & the other is task due date .
    now i have written a small program to send a mail if any one of the location is set (filtered), using if else.
    but i need a code where it sends a mail to everyone related to the location column say out of 10 location ,i have filtered 4 of them.

    then it should send a mail to all the 4 dept heads related .
    can any one send me the code pls.

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    make a form with a listbox,
    the list is the groups to mail to

    make a query (for the report) that uses the listbox as a parameter
    select * from table where [group]=forms!myForm!lstbox

    then a button to scan thru the list and email to each.
    The listbox has 2 or 3 columns,
    1 for email addr
    1 for persons name
    1 for key (if needed)

    pull the item the user chose,from the columns you included in the query
    so column 1 on the form is column(0) in code.

    vRpt = "rMyGrpRpt"
    For i = 0 To lstBox.ListCount - 1
      vGrp = listbox.itemData(i)   'get new item
      lstBox = vGrp 
      vName = lstBox .Column(2)
      vTo = lstBox.Column(1)
      VBody = "Dear," & vName & vbcrlf & "Do you like me?"
       DoCmd.SendObject acSendReport, vRpt, acFormatPDF, vTO, , , vSubj, vBody

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    Further to ranman's comment/advice, is it people at the location, or people related in some way to the task?
    In effect, what is it that relates department heads, locations and tasks? Why mention tasks if it isn't part of your requirement?
    Your send to list could be as straight forward as Deptheads at same location as X.
    Good luck with your project.

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