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    Report with two sections and "informational text" in the middle

    Hello All,

    My team leader wants a roster of our team. No Problem. Then she wanted me to add some specific informational text to the bottom of the report. Again, no problem ... I used an unbound label to place the text ... it's about seven lines of text. All was working well ... until she wanted everything on one page.

    I told her I could make the text 5 pt OR it was going to be two pages at a legible text size.

    Next, she asked if I could split the team into two sections, and put the text in the middle of the sections. This is a Girl Scout team. It's made up of about 15 school liaisons and 15 main team members. She'd like the main team members to be listed first (as they are now) and then have the informational text, then go to page two and list the 15 school liaisons. I guess there is a one page organizational chart from the council and she'd like to print page one of the report on the back of the organizational chart

    I told her I'd try, but no promises.

    So, I had a bright idea ... sub-reports! (yeah ... I know what you're thinking ... not going to work ... and you're right!)

    It doesn't work because there are no parent/child fields to connect the reports together, as Access has informed me in no uncertain terms by simply shutting down every time I try.

    I know I can make one report with the main team members and the informational text ... page one. Then make another report with the school liaisons ... page two.

    I will likely do the two reports and send both to pdf and send her the two files ... if she wants them to be one file, she can figure that out. I sort of think she doesn't want them to be one file, but who knows.

    But, as I said I'd try ... and now it's a puzzle and I'd like to know if my three sections in one report with no parent/child relationship idea would even work ...

    I have no issue doing some VBA coding, but I don't even know where to start!

    Thank you!


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    Why not have 3 sections: First team, info section as an unbound label then add a page break control followed by the third section for school liaisons?
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    Maybe I'm not thinking is "sections" correctly I thought the sections were the header, footer, detail, etc. ... I was thinking "sub-reports", but I know that sub-reports have to be linked to each other in some way.

    Am I missing something basic here ? (I often am!)


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