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Export one query to Excel multiple workbooks with multiple sheets

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    Export one query to Excel multiple workbooks with multiple sheets


    I want to be able to export a query to Excel workbooks with multiple excel sheets.
    Workbook name to be from the query (FileNameXls) and the sheet name by Variety i.e. Apple, Pear - as outlined in table below to a destination folder K:\FarmResults

    I have a query that gathers together results for different clients(farm) and is sorted by farm, variety, plot then date. Query is called qry_results

    IdNo Farm Variety Plot SampDt Result FileNameXls
    1 FarmA Apple Plot1 01/08/19 200 FarmA-FM-Date.xls
    1 FarmA Apple Plot1 08/08/19 175 FarmA-FM-Date.xls
    1 FarmA Pear Plot2 01/08/19 150 FarmA-FM-Date.xls
    1 FarmA Pear Plot2 08/08/19 50 FarmA-FM-Date.xls
    2 FarmB Plum Plot3 01/08/19 36 FarmB-FM-Date.xls
    2 FarmB Plum Plot3 08/08/19 72 FarmB-FM-Date.xls
    2 FarmB Cherry Plot4 01/08/19 48 FarmB-FM-Date.xls
    2 FarmB Cherry Plot4 08/08/19 54 FarmB-FM-Date.xls
    I have a similar query based on qry_results called qry_results_groupby that groups by idno, to get one result per farm.

    I use these queries to produce a pdf from a report (i have another column with FileNamePDF) and it works really well and produces reports by farm etc. via a button on form - code supplied by accessforum some years ago, uses DoCmd.OutputTo acFormatPDF etc.

    I want to use the same data to export to the excel workbooks from another button. I have tried to search but can't find a thread that helps me!!

    Any help will be gratefully received.

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    make a listbox of the 'fruits'.
    code will cycle thru the list, and export only those items selected.
    the query uses the listbox as a parameter to pull only those items.

    the query,qsExport1Fruit, would be:
    select * from table where [fruit]=forms!myForm!lstbox

    the code would cycle all via:
    vFile = "c:\myFruits.xls"
    For i = 0 To lstBox.ListCount - 1
       vItm = lstBox.ItemData(i)   'get next item in list
      lstBox = vItm                'set list to this item
         'export the item
      DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel12, "qsExport1Fruit", vFile, True, vItm

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    I'm not real clear on how you want Excel workbooks to be named.

    It sounds like you want an Excel workbook for each farm by date, with a worksheet for each variety (with "date" in the file name replaced with the SampDt).
    Maybe something like:

    File Name = FarmA-FM-01/08/19.xls
    2 worksheets - Apple & Pear

    File Name = FarmB-FM-01/08/19.xls
    2 worksheets - Plum & Cherry


    File Name = FarmA-FM-08/08/19.xls
    2 worksheets - Apple & Pear

    File Name = FarmB-FM-08/08/19.xls
    2 worksheets - Plum & Cherry

    Maybe Ken Snell's site will help (VBA code examples to write from Access to Excel)
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