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adding a column from mulitple listboxes, and putting the total into a textbox

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    adding a column from mulitple listboxes, and putting the total into a textbox


    I am having trouble with a spot of VBA, that should be easy..

    I have a Form with a lot of list boxes (32) each has queries calculating different fields but their columns line up. I am hoping to sum up column(7) of each listbox, and entering the total into a textbox on the same form

    I have tried using various scripts to pull the list box value (it is a double.. more specifically currency), as an example I was going to use this:

    With lstbox
    MsgBox (.Column(6))
    tbTotalRRPREM = .Column(6)
    End With

    in troubleshooting the above message box states the value is null, but the lstbox is definitely not null..

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    My guess is that you're not aware that the column property of a listbox or combo is 0 based, thus column(6) is the 7th column. What's missing from your post is how many columns are in each control.
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    can you set each listbox to be bound on col(6) (remember : col 7 in form view, col 6 in vb)

    then just sum all the listboxs
    lstBox1 + lstbox2 + lstbox3...

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