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Comparing data Day over Day

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    Comparing data Day over Day

    Hi Everyone, I know there must be away to do this and any help would be greatly appreciated. So here we go..
    I have a table that has tasks imported daily with a input date. I am looking for a way to do the following:
    I need to see the previous days tasks that are not in the current days and any tasks that are still there but the some or all fields have changed. This will give me what has been completed and what tasks are still there but have been changed and still need to be worked.
    Example: Fields

    Not sure if this would be able to work but any ideas would help! thank you in advance! Tea

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    no information to provide a more detailed answer other than use a subquery to find the previous record. Plenty of examples online - just google/bing 'SQL subqueries' - here is an example

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    Q1, qsTodayEvents : all events today
    Q2, qsPrevDayEvents: all the events of the previous day
    Q3: bring in Q1 & Q2, join them on the task,
    make the join an OUTER join (dbl-click the join line), set to: show all items in Q2, some in Q1
    bring down Task from both queries.
    run query
    the recs with Q1.Task is null shows what got finished yesterday (I assume)

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