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Separate Column for Category Total

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    Separate Column for Category Total

    Good morning, I don't know that my thread title makes much sense, but I'll try to explain it below. Assume that I have a table that contains customer information as well as the color of items purchased. I would like my end result to show total types of colors purchased, by customer. Assume the following data, and that the rows are titled: Customer, Color, Amount

    Customer 1 - Black - $25
    Customer 1 - Green - $10
    Customer 2 - Red - $15
    Customer 1 - Red - $15
    Customer 2 - Green - 12

    And so on.

    I am running a query on the above table and I want my end results to be as follows, and the rows titled: Customer, Black, Green, Red and one single line for each customer showing the quantities of purchases by color.

    I'm sure this is a straight forward query but I'm drawing a blank on how to get it to work. Thank you!

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    Customer Red Blue Green
    Customer A 10 15 20
    Customer B 15 40 20

    If you're talking about this type of format it's called a crosstab query.

    There's a query wizard that can walk you through easy datasets (like yours is) to set it up.

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    Thank you so much!

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