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    Updating Tables to prevent the Record Can't Update error

    In the attached I have updated the database from my previous thread, but am really still having the same issue, just in a different way. In the Sponsor Request Form, I have to update subforms with data from previous subform entries. For example, I enter in Items in the Order Details subform. Then I go to update the Product Details Subform, but have to provide the Order Details (PK #) in order to save the record, or I get the error "You cannot add or change a record because a related record is required in table "Order_Details_Table"" Once I enter the number the record will save successfully. The same thing happens when I enter data in the Ship Details Subform, but it needs the Product Details (PK#).

    Can you please provide guidance on how to resolve.

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    Well, those relationships won't work. This is what they should look like...
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Products are attached to Orders and Orders get shipped out. You also need to get rid of the 0 Default Data Types. Not only can't you make relationships but it will break if you an Order with no Product ID, it will not accept 0.

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    See if this is what you are wanting to do.

    Warning: your naming scheme is not to best...... so I changed some names. You have (a lot of) spaces in object names. Also you have field names like "Phone#" (should NOT use special characters in object names)
    Autonumber type fields should not be displayed on forms/reports. See Microsoft Access Tables: Primary Key Tips and Techniques

    Purpose: Use an AutoNumber field to provide a unique value that serves no other purpose than to make each record unique. The most common use for an AutoNumber field is as a primary key.

    I set the Master/child fields:
    Main form is linked to sfOrder_Details,
    sfOrder_Details is linked to sfProduct_Details and
    sfProduct_Details is linked to sfShip_Details. (at least I hope so.... )

    I use a suffix of "_PK" for primary key fields and "_FK" for foreign key fields.
    I prefix forms with "frm" and sub forms with "sf".

    Is this close??
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    Thank you all for your assistance and guidance.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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