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    Retrieve Highest Invoice Number form Quickbooks

    I'm hoping to find someone that has some experience with MS Access and querying data from Quickbooks. Specifically, Quickbooks Enterprise. I have an app that will import orders from MS Access into QBES. However, I have to manually visit QBES and get the highest invoice number, enter into MS Access and start the process. What I'd like to do is get the highest Invoice number ([Num] field) and use that in MS Access.

    I downloaded Intuit's SDK Tool and can connect to QBES and run some of there sample queries, but that doesn't seem to be doing what I need.



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    if you can run queries then you just need a query along the lines of

    SELECT Max(InvoiceNo) AS MaxInvNum FROM tblInvoices

    you'll need to find what InvoiceNo and tblInvoices are actually called in QBES. Run some simple 'SELECT *....' queries to see the field names and contents from the different QBES tables until you find the one you want

    EDIT: if your invoice numbers are alpha numeric then you will need probably need to split the number into txt and number to determine the 'highest' invoice number

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    I'm trying to hammer through the below, not knowing VB. It's not likely I will find someone here knowing both MS Access VB and Quickbooks SDK.

    This line is in error: Set query = msgReq.AppendInvoiceQueryRq.ORInvoiceQuery.RefNumb erList.GetAt
    Compile Error: Argument not optional.
    What kind of argument is expected for GetAt? What does GetAt even mean?

    Private Sub InvNo()
        Dim accessDB As Database
        Set accessDB = CurrentDb
        If (accessDB Is Nothing) Then
            Exit Sub
        End If
        Dim SessMgr As New QBSessionManager
        SessMgr.OpenConnection "", "Highest InvNo"
        SessMgr.BeginSession "", omDontCare
        Dim msgReq As IMsgSetRequest
        Set msgReq = SessMgr.CreateMsgSetRequest("US", 13, 0)
        Dim query As IInvoiceQuery
        Set query = msgReq.AppendInvoiceQueryRq.ORInvoiceQuery.RefNumberList.GetAt
        query.ORInvoiceQuery.InvoiceFilter.ORDateRangeFilter.TxnDateRangeFilter.ORTxnDateRangeFilter.TxnDateFilter.FromTxnDate.SetValue ("2019-08-01")
        query.ORInvoiceQuery.InvoiceFilter.ORDateRangeFilter.TxnDateRangeFilter.ORTxnDateRangeFilter.TxnDateFilter.ToTxnDate.SetValue ("2019-08-10")
        Dim resp As IMsgSetResponse
        Set resp = SessMgr.DoRequests(msgReq)
        Dim respList As IResponseList
        Set respList = resp.ResponseList
        Dim curResp As IResponse
        Set curResp = respList.GetAt(0)
        If (curResp.statusCode = 0) Then
            Dim respType As IResponseType
            Set respType = curResp.Type
            If (respType.GetValue = rtInvoiceQueryRs) Then
                Dim custList As IInvoiceRetList
                Set custList = curResp.Detail
                Dim curCust As IInvoiceRet
                Dim i As Integer
                Dim insSQL As String
                For i = 0 To custList.Count - 1
                    insSQL = "INSERT INTO Customers " _
                        & "(InvNo) " _
                        & "VALUES " _
                        & "("
                    Set curCust = custList.GetAt(i)
                    If (curCust.Sublevel.GetValue = 0) Then
                        insSQL = insSQL & "'" & curCust.RefNumber.GetValue & "',"
                        accessDB.Execute insSQL
                    End If
                Next i
            End If
        End If
        Set SessMgr = Nothing
    End Sub

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