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Display a percentage indicator in a field.

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    Display a percentage indicator in a field.

    Hi, is there anyway to display a percentage indicator in a field when you enter a percentage?
    I´m using the task manager template, and where you enter a percentage in the ´complete´ column, I want it to show a bar like the battery percentage indicator on a phone.
    Is this possible?

    Thanks very much.

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    providing this is not a continuous form or datasheet then do the following

    create a rectangle control (called indOuter) with a border the size you want the bar to be (with or without background, up to you)
    create another rectangle control (called indInner) without a border but with a background which (assuming this is a horizontal bar) fits just inside the the first control and located to the left

    in an event which triggers a change in the percentage value (lets assume the user enters this manually), so the percentage control afterupdate event put


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    That's built into Access conditional formatting. Have a look at the website above.

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    Thanks very much, I´ll try it when I return to work tomorrow.

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