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Cascading combo boxes on bound controls

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    Cascading combo boxes on bound controls

    I have downloaded quite a few examples of this technique both but I'm still not getting it. Each time I think I have it right data disappears from the 2nd combobox or I am not getting any to select at all.

    I could ramble on here but rather than confuse I have put together a very simple example

    I would like to be able to save the users responses to each combobox not just the 2nd filtered combobox . It works for the first record but move to new record and things go awry

    I am sure this must be a fairly common requirement but I cant see what I am doing wrong?

    I would gratefully appreciate some guidance
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    I am not able to replicate what you're experiencing.

    Even on a new record when I choose a new main category I get the correct subcategory list.

    The only caveat I would say is that in your 'after update' event you also make the subcategory foreign key a null value, this'll prevent you from having a main category/subcategory that conflict.

    Finally when you go to a new record I would requery the subcategory combo box as well

    If you can give some specific instructions on where you are encountering your problem and how to replicate it that'd be helpful

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    I am still as confused I'm afraid. I added the .requery of the subCatergory to the On Current event and it all now seems to be working. I can now go back to an earlier record or move forward and the selections from each combo are preserved and the tbl_CombineData is saving the user entry as I had hoped - thing is I don't know why?

    I can understand why it would be necessary to requery the after update event of the Main catergory combo but not why navigating between records would need to requery.

    In my simple logic if say record number 1 has user selections for each combo box (which are bound) I cannot fathom why if creating a new record and then going back to record number 1 the SubCat combox box would need requerying. I would have thought the values written to the tbl_CombinedData would have simply populated each combo as you moved through the records. Whilst I can see now that they do need requerying as you change record, as your advice has the problem fixed, I still don't know why? I'm keen to grasp the logic so if you wouldn't mind expanding I would be grateful.

    I was also a little lost around the null value and subCatergory FK?

    Thanks again

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    Conditional comboboxes that have alias (value displayed is not value saved) require Requery because when filtered the RowSource does not have items in list associated with the record moved to. RowSource must be requeried so the list will apply filter for that record and the alias will be available in the list for display.
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    Took a while but it's sunk in -thank you both, I also understand the why its necessary to Null the 2nd combo box as well now once I saw what was happening in the underlying table - makes perfect sense now.

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