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Crosstab query (converting bolean values)

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    Wink Crosstab query (converting bolean values)


    I kindly request your assistance with creating a more meaningful crosstab query. Attached MDB (in zipped format) contains the following:

    1. tblSource

    -- [Billet]... arbitrary data for demo purposes only
    -- [Type]... arbitrary data for demo purposes only
    -- [Active]... data type is set to "Boolean value (y/s)" where Yes (-1) = active; No (0) = inactive

    2. qrySource... a simple GroupBy query based on [tblSource]

    3. xqrySource... my crosstab query (this is where I need some help)

    In the cross tab query output, the (-1) and (0) Boolean values of field [Active] are listed as field headers. Field headers of "-1" and "0" are not meaningful whatsoever. Thus, somehow, I'd like to have some conversion mechanism which then displays the headers as "Active" (currently "-1") and "Inactive" (currently "0").

    Could anyone provide me some insights as to how I can accomplish this?

    Thank you,
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    instead of using the field value as the column header use a calculated value

    e.g. iif([Active],"Active","Inactive")

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    Ajax - perfect... worked like a charm!!
    Thousand thanks!

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