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Making a form moveable?

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    Making a form moveable?

    I'm relatively new to Access, so please temper the wind to the shorn lamb.

    The ultimate problem that I'm having is that when I open the form that I've created, it fills the whole screen. I want it to have defined borders, with the minimize/maximize/close icon thingies in the upper right corner, but I have no idea how to do that.

    When I look at an example Access form (that has the look that I want), I notice that its "moveable" property is "Yes", while mine's is "No". However, when I try to change mine's to "Yes", it stubbornly remains "No". I don't know whether changing it to "Yes" will achieve my ultimate goal, but I'd sure like to know how to do that.



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    dont maximize the form, then you can move it around.
    the default is it will have max/min btns and be stretchable.

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    sounds like you have your window options set to tabbed. You need to set it to overlapping for the moveable property to take effect

    tabbed is the default position for access. To change it go to file>options>current database and you will see the option a few rows down

    most developers use overlapping as a matter of course when developing because you can see forms/tables etc side by side. Whether it is appropriate or not for the app once deployed is a developer decision.

    The other option to make a form moveable is to change it's popup property to true, possibly the modal property as well depending on the form purpose.

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    Thanks a million, Ajax! That did the trick.

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