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    Calcualted Fields: Entering Serial Numbers to Autofill Model types


    I'm attempting to program a main datatable to pull model types from a seperate table or query when a serial number is entered. My goal is to have the user only need to scan the serial number into the datasheet to have the model description autofill and not be forced to select from a combo box as the model list is extensive.

    The seperate "Models" table has three fields: ID, Characters, and Description.

    Note: In the serial number format I am using, the fourth and fifth characters determine the model type (description). I have programmed a field within the main table (named "4th&5th") by using a calculated field (MID[SN],4,2).

    Any help would be appeciated!

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    where to start?

    these are bad ideas or just won't work

    all of these will cause you problems down the line - see this link
    1. naming fields (or tables/forms etc) with non alpha number characters
    2. starting said names with a number
    3. using reserved words -

    4. you cannot 'program' a table - you use queries and forms/reports
    5. calculated fields in tables have limited use - limited calculation options and more importantly cannot be indexed which will have detrimental effect on performance
    6. lookup fields in tables also have limited use and will cause more work down the line as well as detrimental to performance -
    7. you cannot autopopulate a table beyond setting default values
    8. the rule for a field should be that a field holds a single 'fact'. Your serial number contains at least 2 facts. Better to keep each fact to a separate field and combine in a query as required

    so to answer your question you need to use a form, not enter data directly in a table.

    and the table should store the component parts of the serial number

    you would use something like dlookup to get the model details and display in another control on the form.

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    I'm not clear on your structure but the first thing that comes to mind is a DLookup() using those 2 characters:

    Symbols and spaces in object names are not worth the trouble in the long run.
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