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    Sharepoint Sync After Working Offline

    Hi, I am developing a split database which can be remotely accessed using SharePoint lists as the back-end.

    I like the feature where the database is cached so that it can continue to be used offline and then synchronized once connection to SharePoint is possible.

    From testing I’ve found that the offline changes do sync however when the ‘synchronize’ button is pressed all the open forms close and the user is left with a blank window.
    Is there a way to re-open forms after a synchronize? All controls such as the navigation pane and ribbon are hidden to make the front-end more locked down, so the only way to recover the forms is to shutdown the access front-end and re-load.

    Or maybe the synchronize after working offline can be done in a different way where the forms are not closed?


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    Is there a way to re-open forms after a synchronize?
    use the docmd.openform function.

    If you need to know which forms were open, loop through the forms collection before you start the syncronisation


    dim s as string
    dim frm as form
    dim a() as string
    dim i as integer
    'one method
    Do While Forms.Count > 0
        s = "," & Forms(0).Name & s
        DoCmd.Close acForm, Forms(0).Name   'to make sure the form is closed
    'another method to just record names
    'For Each frm In Forms
    '    s = "," & frm.Name & s
    'Next frm
    'sync code here
    for i=1 to ubound(a)
        docmd.openform a(i)
    next i

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    Hi Ajax

    Thank you for your reply.

    Saving the open form is a good idea.

    What would be the best event to trigger this code?

    When the message bar synchronize button is clicked all the forms close leaving a blank screen.

    Many Thanks

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    regret I don't know - I presumed you had code for syncing. Best event would be a button on a form and have the code in a separate module

    You will need code to sync instead - see this link to get you started

    otherwise google something like 'access vba to sync with sharepoint'

    looking at the code - looks like all forms need to be closed to be able to sync - otherwise there is a risk that a record will be locked in which case the sync would fail - hence the suggestion for putting the code in a module

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    Yes sorry, I hadn't thought about doing the sync through vba.

    Thank you for the links, I will attempt now to complete the sync through vba on a button. I can disable the message bar and force the user to sync through a command button.

    Appreciate your help.

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