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    Record Count in a Macro

    I have a search form which leads to a search query and then to a multi-record form displaying the matches (result of the query). After the selecting a specific record, it then opens a a single record form. What I want to do is go directly from the query to the single record form if it only finds one matching record. I don't want to use VBA. Any suggestions?

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    Code behind search form would have to determine if there will be more than 1 record then open appropriate form.
    I don't use macros but
    I think macros can use domain aggregate functions.
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    I don't know what 'leads to a query' means, but if the query only returned 1 record based on search criteria, where the count of some field is 1, then just open a form to that query result? If the count doesn't = 1 there'd be no query result. I don't use macros either, so am not sure how difficult it is to ascertain things like whether or not a query returns records thus should or should not open a form but rather show a message.
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