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    Temporarily turn off beforeupdate trigger?

    I have a subform that has a beforeupdate action associated with it. I want the resulting action to occur when anyone explicitly updates any field in the subform. I also have a button on the main form that modifies the values of certain fields on the subform. This seems to also trigger the beforeupdate action. Is there any way to get it to only perform the beforeupdate action when someone explicitly changes a field, but not when a field is changed via VBA?

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    There may be a better approach but can't say based on the info. Having beforeUpdate events on a form as well as all of its controls seems like overkill.
    I've never tried, but here's a notion
    - declare a form level variable (Boolean?) and set it as the very first button code line. In form update, check that variable and Cancel = True if it has the right value.

    However, being able to cancel the form level event seems dangerous to me and implies that if it's sometimes unnecessary, it is not of much use. It will fire if the user attempts to leave the record, so why not just have one or the other? Maybe more info as to why you have both would allow for more focused answers.
    - "doesn't work" doesn't help. Implement changes in copies of your database.
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