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    "file not found" (with work-a-round)

    often, but not THAT often, when re-opening an ACCESS project, after having spent some time coding in it, I'll get an error: "File Not Found"...

    compact and repair usually doesn't work... but what does is:
    • from the error, I'll jump back into VB (preferably into the module that I had last been mucking with)
    • delete a sub / function (any sub / function ....doesn't seem to matter which one)
    • save
    • control Z it back
    • save
    • close (the ACCESS project)
    • re-open

    VIOLA ! (no error)

    not a "need to know", but would be a "nice to know"...

    What's going on? (and is there something that i could be doing preemptively?)

    as always, with thnx in advance,
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    I don't get it. If you're opening a file from Access and you get file not found, how do you play with the code? That's the only way I can recall experiencing this - like when I've moved, renamed or deleted a file that I'm trying to open from Access window.

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    Maybe you would post your dB for analysis??
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