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Creating a criteria for multiple columns

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    Question Creating a criteria for multiple columns


    I don't have much experience with Access and I'm not sure if Access has the capability to do this.
    My table currently has 6 columns ID, Name, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring.
    The columns Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring are all Field type Number.
    I would like to create a query which can look for all names with a number below the inputted number.
    Eg one of my records are ID: 1 , Name: Wolfs-bane , Summer: 17 , Autumn: 18 , Winter: 19 , Spring: 15
    So I could be able to input the season eg Summer and a number eg 17 and the name wolfs-bane would come up.
    Sorry if I'm not specific enough, please tell me if you want another explanation or example.


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    not enough information here.

    If you want to put in 17 and show any record where any season would be equal to or greater than 17 that's one thing
    If you want to put in 17 specifically in the SUMMER column that's another

    realistically this should be in a properly normalized structure like

    P_ID  P_Description
    1     Person A
    2     Person B
    3     Person C
    S_ID  S_Description
    1     Summer
    2     Autumn
    3     Winter
    4     Spring
    D_ID  P_ID  S_ID  D_Value
    1     1     4     15
    2     1     1     17
    3     1     2     18
    4     1     3     19
    Then you can search all of your data regardless of season or value pretty easily

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    Could you explain how you could search all the data, because I can't see how.

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