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    What is the best practice alternative for GoTo?

    I am currently using the GoTo command via a Macro in my DB. It's used on various forms to open a New Record.

    For example, when a user is done entering all the data in the required form fields there is a Save button that runs two Macros: SaveRecord and GoTo > Object Type = the current form > Record = New.

    I've read recently, however, that using GoTo command, unless part of the OnError process, is considered bad practice. Considering this, what's the best alternative?

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    That's not the kind of GOTO that is frowned upon. The bad GOTO occurs within a code procedure for example, to skip over some code to transfer processing at a code label (which label end with a colon). I don't think it's possible to code this type of GOTO in a macro.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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