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    Hi guys,
    I am really old school. I have worked with MS Access 2000 (Time of inception) up to MS access 2007.
    I now own a small business and my accounts database is still in MS Access 2000 (inherited when I bought a business in 2001).

    I could not upgrade the DB due to its VBA modules all being password protected.

    My business is growing, and I now want to create 3 FE and 1 BE over the WAN.

    Upon researching, Sharepoint seems to be the most appropriate option to set up the BE on the Cloud.

    Upon researching Sharepoint, Microsoft . I don't want to change Office.

    I want to trial Sharepoint, but Microsoft is forcing Office 365 as a trial. We are still using Office 2007.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you in advance

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    forget back end on the cloud/One Drive/WIFI - anything like that. It is a recipe for db corruption. If WAN, db part had better be wire connected.
    Support for Access/SharePoint is on the way out.
    AFAIK, you can buy Access 2016 off the shelf (no 365) but if dumping the SharePoint idea, 365 could still work for you. 2007 is getting a bit old for starting up a new app.
    MS Access 2000 (Time of inception)
    Hardly. 1.0 came out around 1992.
    - "doesn't work" is no help. Post err msgs and where.
    - Use code tags for code/sql. Implement changes in copies of your database.
    Sometimes I talk to myself - like when I need expert advice.

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