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    Just looking for some Advice please

    Morning eveyrone,

    I have read up about sharepoints, but unsure if i should use this feature.

    Currently I have a MS access DB that contains:

    * records goods in information, stores stock values and assigns a internal batch ref point
    * Recipe control module that builds recipes and stores them
    * recipe Collation form that lets you pull recipe data from the previous data, and apply your ingredients amounts/internal batch ref to each ingredient. Also stores the data as an product batch code
    * Daily Customer data obtained from external program export
    * Daily customer "Finished Goods" data that users apply each bacth code used to their invoice
    * Various report data (Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Annually)

    The Advice I need is: Should I use a Sharepoint instead of basically ONE MS Access file? What are the benefits? Currently the database is backed up weekly to seperate data source, but I think I need to more eitehr to SQL or Sharepoint as I am told that records must be at least 15 months (Longest shelf life date + 12 months).

    Thank you in advance

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    I do not use Sharepoint so can not comment on that part of your post.
    I am wondering what the following means in detail that would warrant your moving to Sharepoint or SQL server.
    I am told that records must be at least 15 months (Longest shelf life date + 12 months).
    Are you concerned with storage? Growth?

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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