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    Code Programing General Question

    Hi all,
    I just have a question that has bothered me for quite some time. I see this frequently and I don't understand it? Maybe someone can please explain this to me.
    Below is some code I have, I didn't write, it actually came with a zipcode db I bought for reference.

    I highlighted the area of the basic question as I see different letters before a word in code and have always wanted to know why this is there? Is there a purpose?

    What is the f for in the fFound? I don't understand the random letter in front of words in code? Please explain to me...

    Public Function GetCityState(strZip As String, strCity AsString, strState As String) As Boolean
      ' Comments:Lookup City and State based on zip code
      ' Params  : strZip          Zip code to lookup
      ' Sets    : strCity         City
      '           strState        State
      ' Returns : TRUEif zip code found, FALSE if not
      ' Created :11/15/00-LC
      ' Modified:09/15/09-LC
      Dim fFound As Boolean
      Dim strZipSearchAs String
      fFound = False
      strZipSearch =Left$(strZip, 5)
      IfLen(strZipSearch) = 5 Then
          .Index ="ZipPrimary"
          .Seek"=", strZipSearch, True
          If Not.NoMatch Then
            fFound = True
            strCity =![City]
            strState =![State]
            strCity =""
            strState =""
          End If
        End With
      End If
      GetCityState = fFound
    End Function

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    It's just part of a naming convention, just like the str preceding the string variables.

    You can see the f is for Flag. Personally I stick with 3 letter prefixes, so I use boo for Boolean variables.
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    @d9pierce1 - if you're writing your own, here's another one that is a bit more informative in terms of things to NOT do

    and try to stay away from reserved words
    - "doesn't work" doesn't help. Implement changes in copies of your database.
    "Everyone has a photographic memory; some just don't have film." Steven Wright

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